Elmarion: Dragon time

“Elmarion: Dragon Time” is an RPG game, the main character of which is the dragon! The player will find many adventures and tasks, controlling not a human character, as in most RPGs, but a flying fire-breathing dragon. Aim of the game: to repel the invasion of the undead.

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Elmarion: Dragon princess

«Elmarion: Dragon’s Princess» is an RPG about a Dragon and a Princess. A player plays as a Dragon: flies across a large 3D world, burns whole armies of people, explores interesting locations. Aim of the game: to save the world of Dragons and people together with the Princess.

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Elmarion: the Lost Temple

“Elmarion: the Lost Temple” is a first-person party RPG. The player plays in a squad of 4 adventurers, choosing from 8 different classes. During the game, the squad explores the dungeons, clears them of monsters, and solves puzzles. Purpose of the game: to get an ancient powerful artifact.

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